Tehran to Mumbai across Iran and Pakistan's & India's Punjab regions

> Journeying +7 months from Istanbul to the Himalayas where part II covered the other half of Iran, Pakistan of some of India <

This is leg two on a longer journey on the fabled Hippy Trail, traveling overland from Europe to the Himalayas. The first leg covered Turkey and northern Iran until Tehran. On leg two we pick up the thread of this journey in Tehran from where we push south to Iran's Zagros Mountains and magical Esfahan, Shiraz and Persepolis. See, also, our 'Persia' page with a more comprehensive coverage of this part of classical Iran. Then we travel north west and west to Yazd, Dast-e Kavir desert and the Lut desert with charming oasis villages and sand castles. Finally we travel south to Bandar Abbas and the Minab villages on the coast east to Pakistan. As it is summer time in Iran during our traverse, the climate is blistering hot and extremely dry, although most of the country on average is high altitude.

In Pakistan, we explore primarily the Punjab region around Lahore and Islamabad. Both places has an evocative mix of attractions from sublime shrines and mosques, serene Mughal architecture, excellent bazaars, and warm-hearted people. The sense of adventure is only enhanced by the fact that we cross path with very few other travelers, since Pakistan is a destination for only the truly intrepid. After months on the Hippy Tail, there are sublime backpacker haunts in both Lahore and Islamabad that are great places to relax and recharge our batteries and swap stories about Pakistan and beyond. For mind-bending trekking in Pakistan, see our 'Hunza valley' page. Also view our adventurous journey on the 'Karakoram Highway' from Islamabad to China's Xinjiang province.

Our second leg was finished by taking us across ​India's Punjab and Haryana regions down to New Delhi and the south part of Uttar Pradesh, and then further on, skirting Rajasthan and Gujarat to Mumbai. Some of the highlights along the way is Amritsar, Chandigarh, Delhi and Agra.

Continue to 'Hippy Trail III' for leg three on this journey., our 'Kurdistan' page for the remote Kurdish provinces in East Turkey and inside Iran bordering Iraq, Oh, and then we climbed 'Damavand', the highest mountain in the Middle East.

Selected pics:

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