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"To take a good rest in life time to time, you must know the ways to make yourself a remote island. An island no one can reach",

by Mehmet Muran Ildan

We firmly believe that some island classics are simply too good to ignore. So, our Island Classics are a celebration of our travels to some of our planet's most iconic islands or archipelagos.


For each of these, we've tried to give a snapshot of what was unique during our entry or entries - a flavour of its individuality, nature and beaches, people and character. You’ll be familiar with the locations but we hope that you won’t have seen landscape and beaches like these too often.


Some Island Classics cover vast areas, like the Thai Islands, while others are really small islands but with big personalities such as La Réunion. Some islands are countries, others are territories, provinces or simply drops in the vast ocean.​

We hope that our pictures illuminate an angle of that essence, each an encouragement to start digging after your passport. We are mostly tropical island hoppers, but we also strive to visit islands in the Northern hemisphere. View our Nordic page for more info.

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