Exploring the less beaten paths of the world


Meet Anders and Jakob, two Danish travelers (born 1982) with endless curiosity about remote regions
and a big passion for exploring the less beaten parts of the world.


We've always liked playing around with different projects, such as taking our kids on canoo trips, participating

in entreprenurship challenges to build new businesses, and builiding edgy travel itineraries to take us to exotic places.

That is why  we’ve decided to make this homepage to chronicle selected journeys, treks, and island travels that we have done,

and to use it as a platform to share our exciting travel pictures with our peer-group: other travel freaks.

Why we've made this site?

We have toured across many continents and oceans with little less than a bag of clothes in the one hand and a camera in the other, and we would love to share some of our experiences. So, we've made this homepage to inform, inspire, and ultimately engage fellow travelers by showing selected, inspirational travel pictures from our many travels.


It is our hope that we can add value to the travel itineraries of our peer group: persons where each new travel and destination sparks the ideas and foundations for five more. We would love if our pictures can challenge opinions, bring important perspectives to the table and add “edge” to your next where-to-go decision.

Scope and projects

Collectively, we have travled across more than 130 countries and territories, but this hompage only chronicles selected pictures from selected distinations. The general gist is to focus on people, nature, landscape and adventure photos from less beaten parts of the world as well as a few classics.

Our approach to travel is perhaps a bit different compared to how others normally travel. Largely, our travels fall into two categories. The first class is all our travels which fall within the (currently) six projects that are intrinsic to our travel sprit and thus the mission of this homepage. During  these travels we typically put a structure in place to have incredible travel experiences while achieving the aim of taking a lot of interesting photos from a lot of different places during the journey. We pledge to experience some the places no one knew about and some of the countries you struggle to spell and those which raise an eyebrow over dinner. We don’t want to read about them, we want to feel them for ourselves. We want to make up our own minds and to be part of the story ourselves.


The second class is all our non-core travels across regions and places that does not fit into the six projects above. These are not chronicled on this hompegage.

Here is a quick break-down of our current projects:

Project #1: Journeys

Our journeys are bold and ambitious, and perhaps the flagship of this homepage. Although we are also trekking and island nerds, our journeys are sorts of trailblazing travel expeditions which are unique, challenging and adventurous, and thus they epitomize our spirit within adventure. Often, the regions, countries and places we visit during our journeys take on an exotic quality. What matters is to get away from the established routes and seek something that little bit more special and authentic. Often, we might have to overcome a bit of hardship and logistical challenges since our journeys most often don’t run smoothly. This is all part of the fun.

Project #2: Treks

The treks that we chronicle are typically genuine expeditions with an objective at the core – to cover distance during an amazing hike or summit a peak. The gist is to feel the earth beneath us, hear the sounds, smell the scents, and digest impressions as we go along. We look for trekking opportunities everywhere, but on these pages we mostly chronical treks in places which have an interesting geographical location.


Project #3: Island Classics

We firmly believe that some island classics are simply too good to ignore. So, our Island Classics are a celebration of our travels to some of our planet's most iconic islands or archipelagos. For each of these, we've tried to give a snapshot of what was unique during our entry or entries - a flavour of its individuality, nature and beaches, people and character. You’ll be familiar with the locations but we hope that you won’t have seen landscape and beaches like these too often. Some Island Classics cover vast areas, like the Thai Islands, while others are really small islands but with big personalities such as La Réunion. Some islands are countries, others are territories, provinces or simply drops in the vast ocean.


Project #4: Island Quests

Our Island Quests celebrate the powerful attraction of an island which fully or partly delivers on the promise of isolation. Locating and visiting these islands draws on decades spent pouring over maps and studying the different oceans.  Often, we will travel for a long time to visit these islands since they also offer possibilities for geograhpical exploration or even deeper cultural immersion and thus connecting with fascinating island communities. Possibly, we’ll experience unique landscapes, a special history or even a way of life a million miles from our own.


Project #5: The Nordics

Since we live in the Nordics – in Denmark – we feel obliged to explore the nature in this corner of the world. It has been our playground since early childhood and still is. Therefore, obviously, the elements of the Nordics mean something special to us. We therefore sometimes launch expeditions into the wild landscapes of the Nordics, exploring fjords and mountains, flat and featureless expanses of forest, waterfalls and glaciers, lakes and islands. Many of our childhood and teen expeditions into the Nordics have not been chronicled (since it was before we started taking good pictures), but we try to pick up the thread and do revisits as adults.


Project #6: The Danish Ø-dyssey

This is a project with the objective of visiting all of the most significant, smaller islands across the Danish archipelago. This is mostly a family adventure carried out together with our kids. The shared dream of two islomaniacs come true, and our kids will get a lot of fresh air and have great fun. As many people have asked us: ‘you’ve seen the world, but have you seen your own country?’. To this question we can truly answer yes, as we’ve soon visited and explored all key islands in our entire archipelago. Hey, what else should we do during the weekends?


History of Traveltwins.dk and future

Our homepage was launched in 2006 and is already a serious travel resource platform with a focus on off-grid destinations and adventure travel.

Surf around our pages and get stimulated. You will for sure get a bit of inspiration for your next journey. And remember to stick around. We'll add to the different projects continuously and we might even add more projects.

Jakob & Anders before a cold-water SCUBA-dive to the "Kontiki Wreck", off the island of Funen, Denmark,

during an unusually warm Sunday morning in September 2016

© Anders M. Pedersen & Jakob M. Pedersen

All photos have been taken by Anders & Jakob.