Our treasured, tough and trusty travel pals

When we travel it might be with our families, one-on-one with a kid, with childhood friends,

together, or solo - but never with a tour company (unless this is strictly mandatory).

Mostly, we travel with our families and good friends, whom are all like-minded

pals who share our passion for experiencing exciting destinations.



"Wall of fame" travel pals who has contributed to our adventures:


Vis mere

© Anders M. Pedersen & Jakob M. Pedersen

All photos have been taken by Anders & Jakob.

    Rie Snestrup Pedersen...

    ...is an explorer, diver & island nerd working in social welfare - and then she's married to Jakob. Together they have traveled extensively in India, SE Asia & Pacific, and all over the Indian Ocean. Rie is deeply in love with remote islands that are often hard to locate on a map. Rie & Jakob have three girls, Aia, Elise, and Regitze, whom they often bring along on their travels.