Our treasured, tough and trusty travel pals

When we travel it might be with our families, one-on-one with a kid, with childhood friends,

together, or solo - but never with a tour company (unless this is strictly mandatory).

Mostly, we travel with our families and good friends, whom are all like-minded

pals who share our passion for experiencing exciting destinations.



"Wall of fame" travel pals who has contributed to our adventures:


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© Anders M. Pedersen & Jakob M. Pedersen

All photos have been taken by Anders & Jakob.

    Cristoffer Myhre Præst...

    …is an adventurer & explorer who loves remote regions, exotic cultures and impenetrable territories. He has studied Life Sciences and Economics, currently working with Finance and Banking, yet perhaps his biggest asset is his vast knowledge about Papua New Guinea and other remote island nations. Cristoffer often insists on combining our expeditions with other passions such as diving. He has been a devoted companion on numerous trips, including Pakistan, Sudan, Philippines, and Bhutan.