Trekking expeditions on remote islands in the North Atlantic

> One week of deep exploration and coastal treks in the Shetland Islands, visiting the

islands of Mainland, Mousa, Burra, Mucle Roe, Shetland, Yell & Unst <


The Shetland Islands are Britain’s most northerly outposts. The are so far from mainland UK and close enough to Norway geographically to make nationally an ambiguous concept. Coming from Denmark and traversing the archipelago we would many times hear: “We consider ourselves Scandinavians”. Add into the equation, that streets are named King Haakon or St Olaf, a reminder that the Shetlands was once under Norse rule.

The striking beauty of the archipelago cannot be discussed. Vast cliffs, beaches with azure waters, magnificent moorlands, famous ponies, sky-blue lochs, many historical monuments, and, of course, sheep on the roads, the Shetlands is a natural wonder.


We came here on a road trip across the Mainland and Mousa, Burra, Mucle Roe, Shetland, Yell and Unst, focusing on beach hiking and trekking day-trips. It is our impression that nature still rules is most places and that the environemnt is spectacular.

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Selected pics:


© Anders M. Pedersen & Jakob M. Pedersen. All photos have been taken by Anders & Jakob.