A road and hiking trip across South Africa's Wild Coast 

> A two week road trip adventure from Cape Town to Durban with a focus on hiking across the remote Transkei  <


We’ve been to South Africa many times on different trips – from Jo-burg over Durban to Cape Town. The entire region is rich on nature in general, but one area stands out, since it is more wild and remote: The Wild Coast! This 250 km stretch of rugged and unspoiled coastline with sweeping bays, footprint-free beaches, lazy lagoons and rocky headlands is a irresistibly charming area with excellent hiking opportunities. The area is also known as The Transkei, since it originally encompassed the rural Transkei region, a region that we also crossed by car during this trip. We started in Cape Town and drove the Garden Route op to Transkei, where we’d spend 10 days. Then we continued onwards to Durban to enjoy the offshore diving in South Africa’s best diving location.

This is rural South Africa at its best and the roads to the coast lead us through the Xhosa heartland, a stunning landscape of rolling green hills dotted with thatched rondavels, offering interesting glimpses into an ancient culture. We stayed in Port St Johns, Coffee Bay, and in villages north of the Kei River, and did a long beach-to-bech-trek along the Wild Coast. Most places are made up of only a handful of fisherman's cottages and the occasional backpacker hang-out. Most people will do this trip during the European winter months, but we did in in Spring just before the rainy season, which added to the adventure.



Selected pics: