We are from Denmark where both of us live today with our families. As the homepage name suggests we're twins, and we've always liked playing around together with different projects. That's probably also part of why we got the idea of combining our separate and sometimes shared travel experiences in a single site.


Raised in the 80ies and 90ies our parents took us through most of Western Europe in a camping wagon although with a strong bias towards France. Being early adventurers, we went several times on our own to trek along and climb mountains in Lapland, North Sweden, and the Norwegian Alps. Around the age of 14 or so, we both decided that we would live an adventurous life, and we havn't stopped since. Early on, we strived towards developing trekking, camping, cold management, cooking, SCUBA-diving, skin-diving, navigation, foraging, canoo, kayak, etc. skills that we try to sustain to this date. 

Post high school we both did university studies from 2000-2010. Anders studied philosophy, leadership and business strategy which paved the way for 8 years as a management consultant, now working with commercial management. Jakob earned a PhD in molecular biology and has steered his career towards business development and management of international sales. But the decade of studying was not only about books. During this period, we traveled 3+ months every single year, primarily in third-world countries and regions mostly in Asia, Africa and the Americas.


Since 2010, we-ve both lived more "ordinary lives" with wives, kids, houses, summer houses, and steep careers. We both still prioritize to travel as much as possible. Our travels still are exotic, fun, and exciting. As of Summer 2019 it has been altogether:

  • 10 trips to Southeast Asia

  • 4 trips to the Indian subcontinent

  • 12 trips to the Middle East

  • 8 trips to different Indian Ocean island groups

  • 4 trips to Northern Africa

  • 6 trips to Eastern Africa

  • 2 trips to Central Africa

  • 3 trips to Southern Africa

  • 5 trips to the Americas

  • 4 trips across the Caribbean

  • 1 trip to the Pacific islands

...excluding hundreds of trips around Europe, and our travels associated with professional work.

All pictures are of course © Anders & Jakob Pedersen. A few pictures have been snapped by our close friends and travel companions. We are obviously amateurs and do not have any commercial agenda whatsoever regarding our pictures.

Our travel philosophy

It is not our mission to tick off countries from a list. Although we strive to visit new places, we tend to return to the same places again and again. For instance, this is why we've spent six months in Thailand, four months in India, five months in Indonesia, etc. Indonesia, for instance, we visited during six different trips, and we expect to visit this no.1 island-destination at least ten times more!


When we visit a country or region, the ambition is never to exhaustively visit all must-do's and sights. We always strive to select unique places where typical selection criteria are: remoteness, word-of-mouth-uniqueness, people & culture, and gut-feeling when looking at an atlas. Proximity to either climbable high mountains and volcanoes or world-class dive sites has an additional pull.




If you have a question regarding travel planning or certain destinations please feel free to contact us.

andersmadsenpedersen (a) gmail (dot) com

jakobmp28 (a) hotmail (dot) com

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© Anders M. Pedersen & Jakob M. Pedersen

All photos have been taken by Anders & Jakob.