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Exploring the less beaten paths of the world

Meet Anders and Jakob, two Danish travelers (born 1982) with endless curiosity about remote regions and a big passion for exploring the less beaten parts of the world.  We have toured across many continents and oceans with little less than a bag of clothes in the one hand and a camera in the other, and we would love to share some of our experiences. So, we've made this homepage to inform, inspire, and ultimately engage fellow travelers by showing selected, inspirational travel pictures from our many travels. Our homepage was launched in 2006 and is already a serious travel resource platform.


Surf around our pages and get stimulated. It is our hope that we can add value to the travel itineraries of our peer group: persons where each new travel and destination sparks the ideas and foundations for five more. If our pictures can challenge opinions, bring important perspectives to the table and add “edge” to your next where-to-go decision we are more than happy!


Jakob & Anders before a cold-water SCUBA-dive to the "Kontiki Wreck", off the island of Funen, Denmark,

during an unusually warm Sunday morning in September 2016

Our travels and travel philosophy

We've both been to 100+ countires and, collectively, we have travled across more than 130 countries and territories, but this homepage only chronicles selected pictures from selected distinations. The general gist is to focus on people, nature, landscape and adventure photos from less beaten parts of the world as well as a few classics. We pledge to experience some of the places no one knew about and some of the countries you struggle to spell and those which raise an eyebrow over dinner. We don’t want to read about them, we want to feel them for ourselves. We want to make up our own minds and to be part of the story ourselves.

It is not our mission to tick off countries from a list. Although we strive to visit new places, we tend to return to the same places. For instance, this is why we've spent four months in India, five months in Indonesia, etc. When we visit a country or region, the ambition is never to exhaustively visit all must-do's and sights. We always strive to select unique places where typical selection criteria are: remoteness, word-of-mouth-uniqueness, people & culture, and gut-feeling when looking at an atlas. Proximity to either climbable high mountains and volcanoes or world-class dive sites has an additional pull.

Bitten by the travel bug

We are from Denmark, the small Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. Anders lives in Denmark with his wife and three kids. Jakob lives in metropolitan New York (US) with his wife and three kids. As the homepage name suggests we're twins, and we've always liked playing around together with different projects, such as taking our kids on canoo trips, participating in entreprenurship challenges to build new businesses, and builiding edgy travel itineraries to take us to exotic places.  That is why we’ve decided to make this homepage to chronicle selected journeys, treks, and island travels.

Raised in the 80ies and 90ies our parents took us through most of Europe as well as USA and Canada, although with a strong bias towards traversing France in a camping wagon. As kids, we laso did a few hiking trips in the Alps with our bold big brother who was six years of age ahead of us and was alrady scaling Mont Blanc and other summits.

As teens we went several times on our own to trek along and climb mountains in Lapland, North Sweden, and the Norwegian Alps. Around the age of 14 or so, we both decided that we would live an adventurous life, and we havn't stopped since. Therefore, during our late teens, we strived towards developing solid trekking, camping, cold management, cooking, SCUBA-diving, skin-diving, navigation, foraging, canoo, kayak, etc. skills that we try to sustain to this date.

Then, we both had af few post-highschool years and did university studies. During this period, from 2001 to 2009, both of us traveled 3+ months every single year, primarily in third-world countries and regions. Thus, we did tons of travelling, hiking, mountain climbing and diving all over South East Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, the Middle East, Latin America, and a bit of Micronesia and North Africa. Some of these travels we did together, others were together with our girlfriends (and wives today, respectively) and childhood and university friends, and finally some of the travels were undertaken completely solo.

Since 2010, we've both lived more "ordinary lives" with wives, kids, houses, summer houses, and steep careers. In this period and as of today, in terms of "big travels" we both have a focus on expeditions into Africa, the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent and much of Asia as well as an emerging focus on visiting islands in the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean. Next to this, we continuously and opportunistically perform travel-oriented micro-adventures i in Europe and North America, where we live, respectively.

Copyright details

If you have a question regarding travel planning or certain destinations please feel free to contact us.

Anders: andersmadsenpedersen (at) gmail (dot) com

Jakob: jakobmp28 (at) hotmail (dot) com

All pictures are of course © Anders & Jakob Pedersen. 


A bit of history:

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