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Traversing the

Europe's easern frontier between the Black and Caspian Seas - from Yerevan to Baku.

Being an often-overlooked part of our world, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan form together a quite unusual region.


They are not very European, but not Asian either. They have certain Middle Eastern traits, but Central Asian characteristics too. There are some very “Russian” qualities especially in the larger cities and during bureaucratic encounters, but also many wonderfully local cultures and traditions that are very unique.


Wedged between two seas, surrounded by Europe's largest mountain range and straddling two continents, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia are home to some extraordinarily beautiful scenery and incredibly hospitable people.


Amazingly, to many experienced travelers, these countries remain relatively unknown, but we believe that this region is a must for anyone who wants to experience the best of many worlds.


Location: Armenia, Georgia & Azerbaijan, during a couple of weeks in Autumn


Crossing from Armenia via Georgia into Azerbaijan took a couple of weeks.


Armenia is a very mountainous land, dominated by Mount Ararat (5.165m), which we have also visited and climbed from the Kurdish/Turkish side (on another trip). In Armenia we saw several great monasteries, caravanserais and lakes. Crossing into Georgia revealed churches that are cheek-by-jowl with mosques and Orthodox priests rubbing shoulders with Armenian Jews. It also had impressive underground cave cities as well as rural villages sited below the lofty peaks of the Caucasus range in the magical and medieval Svaneti region. Azerbaijan, on the Caspian Sea coast, had a lovely, ancient caravan route that is famous for silk weaving and embroidery. Add also a number of interesting bazars, remote mountain villages and a very modern capital.

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Selected pics during our encounter:

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