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Our favorite European playground:

A hiker’s heaven with absolute standout trekking peaks and routes. Multiple hikes across one the of coolest mountain ranges across the Globe.

The Alps is among the best hiking and trekking destinations in the world, and we’ve been exploring the area since our teens and used it as a playing and training ground for arranging other expeditions outside Europe.


The Alps are only 4-5 hours away from Denmark in a plane or 12-15 hours away in a car. So there isn't really any excuse not to visit one in a while.

Also, since our big brother moved to Switzerland years ago, we’ve been fortunate to use Zürich as a base for arranging yearly hikes and high alpine treks to different branches of this vast mountain system.


Location: France, Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria and Poland, during all seasons


We’ve done parts of all the classics:


Treks on the Charmonix-Zarmatt Haute Route, which is often categorized as a world-class, top-3 hike; treks in the Bernese Oberland region with views to lakes and tall waterfalls everywhere; and treks in the Zermatt / Matterhorn region, which links many of the iconic mountains of the Alps.


We’ve also done other iconic treks, such as the Tour du Wildhorn, as well as hikes around eg. Charmonix in France and hikes in Austria, Lichtenstein and southern Poland.

On this page we share mixed pictures from selected tours across the Alps, exploring the dazzling mountain scenery, crossing glaciers, looking for waterfalls and taking dips in ice-cold rivers, and enjoying the simple mountain cuisine.

Several of these pictures have been snapped by our big brother, Hans M. Pedersen, who lives in Switzerland with his family, and whom we try to visit on family trips and hiking trips into the mountains of the Alps.


Selected pics from multiple walks, hikes and longer treks:


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