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Diving adventure to

Among the world's most spectaular diving, snorkeling and free-diving deistinations.

The tightly clustered islands, which comprise the tiny nation named Palau, are located just above the Equator north of New Guinea and east of the Philippines.


Palau, rising steeply from the empty and remote Pacific Ocean, is made of more than three hundred raised coral islands as well as several atolls. The small body of islands, including the world famous Rock Islands and the larger inhabited islands to the north, all gather within a an expansive turquoise-colored lagoon, enclosed by a barrier reef more than 70 miles/110 km long. 

We loved this little travel diamond! We experienced first-hand how Palau is one of the most extraordinary diving spots in the world; the barrier reef enclose spectacular, unspoiled coral reefs flanking the Rock Islands but most action happens at the fringes of the barrier reef where steep underwater walls, drop-offs, blue holes, huge caves and tunnels can be visited. Due to Palau’s remote position in open waters and the fact that the archipelago is a crossroads of three major ocean currents, vast numbers of migratory fishes and pelagic predators gather around the reefs.


Location: Republic of Palau in the central part of the Pacific Ocean, during 2 weeks


We spent a couple of weeks in Palau. And even though we used most of the time with a dive tank on the back, exploring all the greatest dive spots around the Rock Islands, we found time to sip the juice from betel nuts on a tour to the remote Southern island called Peleliu, which hides numerous WWII remains.

We also circled the large jungle-clad Babeldoab Island to suck in the rural island atmosphere and visit several cultural and historical sites. It was therefore also easy to fall in love with the Micronesian culture, traditional village life, jungle scenery, warm-hearted locals, and the numerous World War II remains above and under the ocean surface.


Palau is in our opinion definitely one of the most alluring places to visit in Oceania. In fact, even though the population is only 20.000, Palau has its very own brewed beer!


Selected pics from our island hopping adventure in this region:

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