> High-altitude expedition on Kuh-e-Damavand in Iran during late August <



Without a doubt, Iran offers the best high-altitude trekking and mountain climbing in the Middle East. The country is very mountainous with two major mountain ranges, the Alborz in the north and the Zagros in the southwest. There are 11 peaks in Iran, which are more than 4.500m high and over fifty +4.000m climbs. Some of the climbs are technically demanding, and during our travels in Iran is has never been difficult to find volcanic systems as well as mountainous massifs.


Mount Damavand is at 5.671m Iran’s highest summit. It is a dormant, perfect-cone volcano with a narrow summit and intact crater, situated dramatically in the Alborz range, thus surrounded on every side by high peaks and ridges. It is the roof of the Middle East and the highest peak between the Alps in Europe and the Tien Shan and Hindukush-Himalaya regions in East Asia. Furthermore, Damavand ranks as the highest volcano in Asia, and the third highest of the Volcanic Seven Summits.

We arranged a hike up the mountain together with a local mountaineering club in Teheran. After spending some time together with the local, Iranian mountain freaks, all of the very happy to welcome us, we drove to the foot of the mountain and started the hike. The trek takes two-three-four challenging days depending on shape.  

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Scaling the 5.671m "roof of the Middle East"-peak in the spiky Alborz montain range

© Anders M. Pedersen & Jakob M. Pedersen. All photos have been taken by Anders & Jakob.