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The Ø-dyssey

JUTLAND: 29 islands off central & southern Jutland, demonstrating natural variation and big tales to be told

The small islands off Jutland's peninsula in Denmark are remarkably varied. There are 29 key island destinations that are not to be missed for the intrepid island-hopper.

On a Danish scale, Jutland is quite large. Spanning a couple of hundred kilometers and with islands both in East and West, it requires a bit of stamina to visit all significant islands. On the roads leading to the harbors serving the islands there is a lot to see and experience. It is not always a straightforward drive and cross-over to these islands. There are so many disruptions, e.g. lakes, cool old-timer villages and astonishing inland landscapes, and our plans have certainly been disrupted more than once.

By the way: the "tent" on the picture is a lavvu, a temporary dwelling used by the Sami people of northern extremes of Northern Europe. It has a design similar to a Native American tipi but is less vertical and more stable in high winds.


We love our lavvu which has served us during many expeditions. It is very handy during the cold Danish winters.


Hiking and camping excursions to 29 exceptional island destinations off Jutland in Denmark 

The small islands off Jutland's peninsula in Denmark are remarkably varied. There are 29 key island destinations that are not to be missed for the intrepid island-hopper.


In the North Sea, the islands of Rømø, Mandø, Langli and Fanø offer expansive beach, mud flat and sand dune landscapes in the so-called Wadden Sea  - this is the largest tidal flats system in the world. On the other side of mainland Jutland, in the Kattegat Ocean facing Sweden, the most remote island in the Danish Archipelago, Anholt, is located. Anholt boasts remote beaches, old forests, lobster festivals, and the largest desert in North Europe. Getting there takes about three hours on a slow ferry.


Around the geologically dramatic Djursland Peninsula in Eastern Jutland there are two small islands, Kalø and Hjelm, which are very nice day trips. One can walk on a cobbled embankment leading to Kalø as see the ruined castle on the island. A private boat is needed to visit Hjelm which in return will welcome visits with great beaches, cliffs and a very interesting history.


Closer to central Jutland there is a handful of smaller islands in Kattegat Ocean with unique communities, colorful houses, sandy beaches and that rare sense of isolation - they are Samsø, Endelave, and Tunø. Samsø island has to be highlighted with its local produce, charming villages, and beautiful countryside including Stavns Bay which hosts a mini-archipelago in the central part of Samsø Island, with a handful of green islets and traces dating back to the Stone Age.


In the vicinity to Samsø island, a number of small islands that are unknown to most of Danes lies scattered in the Kattegat Ocean. Vejrø, Lindholm and Kyholm are the most significant of these with beautiful raw nature and complete isolation having very few visitors per year that come by private boat. These islands used to be inhabited about hundred years ago, however today only old remains are a testimony of harsh human communities in the past.

Moving closer to the Jutland coast line, three interesting islands in the Bay of Horsens can be visited. They are Alrø, Hjarnø and Vorsø. One can walk on the sea floor at low tide to the remote, tree-covered Vorsø island and experience the raw nature which has been unperturbed for almost 100 years.


Closer to Southern Jutland and in the Lillebælt Ocean, the small islands of Barsø and Aarø offers great coastal walks and idyllic sceneries. Lille & Store Okseø are two small forested islands in beautiful Flensborg Fjord close to Germany, both of which can be circumnavigated in 5 minutes. Finally, Als and Kegnæs Islands offer idyllic views to the ocean over its pastoral landscape and a great for outdoor camping trips.

Background information about the Ø-dyssey project and our selection of 130 islands to be visited in total can be found here.


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