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The best kept secret of the Indian Ocean, greatly off the Kerala Coast


Don't tell too many of your friends about the Lakshadweep Islands...


The Lakshadweep Islands, part of India and formerly known as the Laccadives, is a small cluster of islands spread across the Indian Ocean west of mainland India and a north of the Maldives. The remote island group is one of the least developed and visited places in the Indian Ocean.


It was on a trip to the Maldives, when reading about Indian Ocean history and studying maps, that we initially became aware of these remote islands: Seemingly more difficult to reach, less developed, much less visited, and supposedly what the Maldives used to be when “discovered” by traveling hippies in the 1970ies.


Two years later after visiting the Maldives, we paid the islands a visit and were not disappointed. These underexplored and un-crowded islands are a hidden gem, an absolute heaven for beach and nature enthusiasts, and the diving parallels that of the Maldives. 


Location: The Laccadive islands, an Indian territory, during 10 days

One has to carefully look at a map, and even at a map of India, to locate these charming islands off the coast ot Kerala. It is a bunch of coral islands and atolls in the Indian Ocean with light blue lagoons full of turtles, palm fringed beaches and small fishermen hamlets.


The Lakshadweep Islands are secluded and totally drained for charter tourists and even backpackers. The charm is definitely their remoteness, their completely untouched beauty and their lack of tourism. Very few islands, such as the Agatti Atoll where we stayed, can be visited by non-Indians, and only a single simple resort is present on each of these islands. There are no large beach resort developments, no overbuild places, no roads and no cars, no souvenir shops, no hassles, but only a few villages with thatch houses, friendly not-so-conservative locals, and long pristine beaches with white sand and gin-clear water. The Lakshadweep Islands may very well be one of the best-kept travel secrets in the Indian Ocean.

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Selected pics from this island encunter:

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