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From Europe to the Himalayas along

Part III

Part III covers the journey from New Delhi to the Himalayas across Mumbai, Southern India, Sri Lanka, Central India and finally northern India. 

Doing a loop of India could take a lifetime. Because "mother India" has an ability to make all travelers her own. India weaves races, cultures, religions and philosophies into a tapestry that grows richer and more intricate every time we travel here.

Be it watching the sunrise at Taj Mahal, cruising down a Keralan river on a houseboat, kicking back a Goan beah, or relaxing in a Shimla hill station - India delivers great experiences! Add in cows in the streets, mad traffic and thousands of rickshaws, snake charmers, world's largest slums, maharajahs in palaces, gods and goddesses, and killer spicy hot curries.


On our list with top countries to travel across India is in the top 3. We simply love this country. 

To experience India is mind-altering: Indians are openminded and talkative, and the way their cultures and everyday lives are played out invites for numerous encounters, and so we share the dreams, sorrows, tribulations and joy of a billion fellow human beings.

Locations: India & Sri Lanka; the entire journey took +7 months 


This is leg three on a longer journey on the fabled Hippy Trail, traveling overland from Europe to the Himalayas. The first leg and second leg covered Turkey, Iran and Pakistan.

The journey continues as we cross into India, including the Western and Southern parts. Mumbay, Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu. Continuing to Sri Lanka and then back to mainland India incl. Chennai and Calcutta. We continued to North India into Haryana and Himachal Pradesh ending in Ladakh in the high parts of remote Indian Himalaya.

Like islands off the Indian mainland? Check our islands hopping adventures around the Lakshadweep Islands, the Andaman Islands, or the Maldives. For more on the Himalayas check our exploration of the Eastern Indian Himalayas and Bhutan. For even more mountain-madness on the Subindian Continent, check our extremely wild travel along the Karakorum Highway in neighboring Pakistan and our mountaineering in the Hunza Valley in Pakistan. 

Selected pics from this part of the journey:

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