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Exploring one of mother India's last and most remote frontier outposts.

The Andaman Islands are part of the Indian union territory called the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The two remote island groups are Indian outposts closer to South East Asia than the Indian subcontinent; a feature, clearly demonstrated by the island geography.

The island coasts mainly have mangrove forests with small stretches of white sand beach. In particular, the seascape is breathtaking and colorful with small hilly islets scattered in a crystal blue sea. Many of the islands are separated by narrow channels, which create idyllic backwaters and lagoons with beautiful coral reefs. The interior is a wilderness covered by old jungle and with an overall untouched and pristine appearance. This gives the impression as a Garden of Eden.


Interestingly, one of the least developed human cultures in the world inhabits the Andaman-Nicobar islands: the native Jarawa tribe of Negrito origin, which represent human beings from the first wave of migrants out of Africa tens of thousands years ago.


The Andaman-Nicobar islands really represents one of the last unperturbed frontiers left on planet Earth: Being remote, wild and uncrowded, the islands are the perfect travel destination for islomaniacs (yes, we'll admit to such a mental diagnosis).


Location: The Andaman & Nicobars, territory of India, during 2 weeks

When studying maps of the Indian Ocean and South Asia it takes little exploration to conclude that the Andaman & Nicobars are two key archipelagos on a short list of the larger isolated islands groups in this part of the world.


We "discovered" the islands early on and developed an urge to go there in our early twenties. A few years after our "discovery" the opportunity was realized and we made a two week long visit to the Andaman Islands, detouring from a longer trip from the Himalayas to the Maldives. It was an incredible experience and we had a great time in this small and exotic slice of the Indian Ocean. Most time was spend on Havelock Island, a beautiful island in the center of the Andaman archipelago from where we arranged several day trips. A big draw is the wild, pristine and untouched nature of this place, outclassing many other remote archipelagos that we’ve visited during the years. Being very sparsely populated, calm and undeveloped, the islands are also a great escape from the more noisy and ever-developing mainland India.

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Selected pics during our encounter:

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