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Volcano "hunting" along the Ring of Fire

Ever heard of the 'Ring of Fire'?  


Stretching from Indonesia in south to the Kurils and Kamchatka in north, the Ring of Fire belt is where the Indian Ocean and western Pacific crustal plates collide with the massive Eurasian plate to form a massive chain of volcanic mountains.


Indonesia lies on a significant part of the Pacific "Ring of Fire". Being a land of fire, destruction and rebirth, Indonesia has massive volcanic activity.


Therefore it is arguable also the best place in world for volcano trekking. It has 129 active volcanoes - more than any other country - and most are accessible and safe for trekking, when not erupting.


All over seems to be steaming gunung api, fire mountains, dominating the landscape from Sumatra in West to Papua in East. 


Location: Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara and Sulawesi in Indonesia during several volcano-climbing tours across, during all seasons


We have been “hunting” volcanoes across the Indonesia archipelago for several years and on numerous trips.


On Java Island, for example, Gunung Merapi at 2.930m height is the most active volcano in Indonesia. When not erupting it can be carefully climbed in about 8-10 hours with spectacular views to nearby volcanic summits and fertile highlands.


On neighboring Bali, the Gunung Agung volcano standing at 3.142m can be climbed during 10-12 hours. The view from the summit reveals views over Bali, East-Java, Lombok and Gunung Rinjani on Lombok as well as more islands in the Nusa Tenggara archipelago.


On Lombok Island, Gunung Rinjani offers phenomenal trekking. The base camp offers a surreal view towards the 3.726m summit. Inside the enormous crater is situated a lake, and in the center of that lake is another miniature volcano: A volcano inside the volcano. Rinjani is perhaps the most beautiful trek in Indonesia and all of SE Asia.


On Sulawesi Island, Gunung Lokon and Gunung Mahawu are active volcanoes located in the Minahasa highlands. The former has an almost perfect cone and offers beautiful views towards Bunaken Island, Manado Tua Island and the tip of Sulawesi. In Central Sulawesi, in the heart of Tana Toraja, an extremely exotic and culturally rich region, we trekked from village to village in the highlands on old volcanoes.

For another climb in South East Asia, check our ascent of Mount Kinabalu on the island of Borneo.



Selected pics from these treks:

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