Danish Ø-dyssey Part IV - across remote and wild islands off Funen

> Several hiking and camping excursions to islands off Funen in Denmark < 

Funen is a large island in the center of Denmark, and it is sourrounded by almost 100 small islands and islets. The largest concentration of islands is the stunning South Funen Archipelago, which is the theme of Ø-dyssey part III.


However, surrounding Funen is a number of fantastic islands that are individually more isolated and not in clusters. Torø, our child hood nest, is a small and uninhabited island with a beautiful natural harbor which has a number of shipwrecks, above and below sea level. Next, Baagø and Brandsø in the Little Belt Ocean have great beaches, the latter being uninhabited and thus more difficult but rewarding to pay a visit. In the more Northern part of the Little Belt Ocean, the islands of Svinø and Fænø are known for high numbers of porpoises (Dolphin-like marine mammals) off their coasts.


Æbelø off the North shore of Funen is wonderfully isolated with no inhabitants and can only be visited by going through the sea at low tide. Next, in Odense Fiord and off Fynshoved are a number of isolated but nice islets named Vigelsø, Mejlø and Bogø, with huge bird colonies. Romsø in the Great Belt Ocean, which is often dubbed 'the last wilderness in Denmark', is a rare pearl; completely covered by old forest which has been untouched for hundreds of years and a wild population of deers. South of Romsø, the island of Sprogø is known for its spooky past and prison where women considered too easy and promiscuous were isolated from society from 1923-1961. Finally, the larger islands of Langeland, Ærø and Tåsinge have the nicest old villages in all of Denmark and idyllic nature - great for summer bike trips and tenting.

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Selected pics from our Danish Ø-dyssey - Part IV:

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