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THE B-LIST: Day trips to tiny islets, holms, reefs and sandbanks in the Danish archipelago.

Our Ø-dyssey Part I-VI sites covers visits to 130 unique island destinations in the Nordic country of Denmark. There are however a bit more than 300 islands in total in Denmark. Some of the largest, approx. 10 islands such as Zealand, Funen and Falster, are quite big and not part of our Ø-dyssey adventure. Next up is the 115 islands that we carefully selected to comprise our Ø-dyssey island list. Finally, the remainder of islands in Denmark are all small rocks, sand banks or islets, all less than 0,1 square kilometres in size. Some of the islets disappear into the ocean over a decade such as Jordsand island which "sank" into the ocean some years ago... And some new islets arise. Actually, just the past couple of years, five new islands actually developed in Denmark. Typically these small islets are less distinct in their makeup and they may appear non-descript. They are obviously always non-populated. 

We call these islets the B-List adventures in our Ø-dyssey. We don't count on visiting all of these islets. However, if we get close to one of these islets along the way, we tend to jump into a kayak or onto a stand up paddle board and visit it. The scope of this page is to present some of these small islets with pictures and short stories on how we got there. And whether the visit was worthwhile.


Kayak and Stand Up Paddle Board trips to an ever growing list of small unknown islets in Denmark.

Selected pics from a growing list of small islets in Denmark.

Background information about the Ø-dyssey project and our selection of 130 islands to be visited in total can be found here.

Categorizing 130 small islets in Denmark

Small islets distributed into six different geographical regions of the Danish Archipelago.

(*) asterics denote islets visited as of January 2022.

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