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The Indian Ocean gem:

Suffering from visions of tropical paradise?
Here is your medicine...

The human mind loves beautiful landscapes. Mental affection for certain views could be encoded both culturally and genetically into our brains; most people think that palm-fringed white beaches are beautiful and alluring. And generally speaking, across cultures, people are shocked by the utter beauty of an atoll in the Maldives, the otherworldly rock-clad beaches of the Seychelles, and the green-volcano-in-a-blue-lagoon sight of Bora Bora island in Polynesia.


So what do these places have in common, which make us conclude that they are some of the most eye-catching places we’ve ever seen? Is it because many of us reside in big cities, but actually wished for a simple life in the wild nature? Or is it because media has bombarded us with pictures of azure waters and white beaches and described such places as guarantees for the ultimate holiday? We think (or at least Jakob thinks - he used to work as a geneticist) that humans from nature - genetically encoded, perhaps orchestrated in the evolutionary older reptile-part of our brain - create a certain positive feeling when we look at beaches with swaying palm trees, clear waters with a claim horizon, and golden sand. Perhaps we want to go to such places because they make us feel safe, secure and relaxed.   

Location: Mahe, Praslin, Curieuse and La Digue in the Seychelles, during 3 weeks



The Seychelles is one of the places, which makes our inner and outer smiles and happiness grow. The explanation is quite simple: The islands really are magnificent.


We went to this particular Indian Ocean archipelago on a longer backpack holiday to hop around the so-called Inner Islands of the Seychelles. It's a fairytale island nation with soft, green mountains, deserted beaches with smooth boulders, a simple life style, and friendly locals. The travel experience enriched us with much more besides the picture-perfect beaches: huge coconuts, the giant tortoises living in open nature, historical mansions, great diving, spicy Creole seafood, jungle treks through ancient UNESCO jungle, bicycle rides on islands with no cars, and the list goes on.


We also found that traveling in the Seychelles is a bit expensive, but the return on investment is huge. DIY-vacation arrangements will reduce cost a lot so our recommendation would be to arrange everything by yourself.

For more exotic adventures on islands in the Indian Ocean check our travels to Mauritius, Rodrigues and La Réunion and the Maldives. If that isn't remote enough for you, check our Soqutra island off mainland Yemen or Mozambique's islands​.


Selected pics from our island hopping adventure in this region:

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