"Islomania is a rare affliction of spirit. There are people who find islands somehow irresistible. The mere knowledge that they are in a little world surrounded by sea fills them with an indescribable intoxication."


Quote by Lawrence Durrell

Our Island Quests celebrate the powerful attraction of island which fully or partly delivers on the promise of isolation. They offer escapes from the cares of life on the mainland. That is what you want as you search for a few weeks of nearly total escape.

Some of these islands that we visited can be characterized  by an insularity or "islandness" that set them apart from all the rest. We prefer to visit those kind of islands. But we are not so purist as to exclude visits to more well-know islands - se our Island Classics sites. The Caribbean Islands far in the eastern Atlantic Ocean are just as extraordinary as the Laccadives off India or Rodrigues Island off Madagascar.


Arriving in the remote Togian Islands,
a small province in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Island Quests

© Anders M. Pedersen & Jakob M. Pedersen

All photos have been taken by Anders & Jakob.