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The Ø-dyssey

SOUTH SEA: Oh, that South-Sea magic! Island-hops to 23 idyllic islands around Lolland, Falster and Møn

The South Sea Islands - ‘Sydhavsøerne’ in Danish tongue - is the local nickname for the Southeastern islands in Denmark consisting of Lolland, Falster, Møn and an abundance of smaller islands. It’s a fairy tale world of countless small islands with colorful houses, fruit plantations, rolling hills, and magnificent beaches.


The Lolland-Falster part of Denmark and all its small islands is a very rural part of the little Danish kingdom, and by the broader Danish population it’s sometimes regarded as a very secluded place and ‘in the middle of nowhere’. We would turn this sentiment upside down and say it’s a very unique and underappreciated place in the Danish Archipelago, which represents a stark contrast to big city life in all the positive ways one can ever imagine.


The island locals are very open-minded, relaxed and friendly. There’s no stress or hasty moments down in the South Seas of Denmark. Things will take the time needed. And being together and enjoying good company and life seems to be the all-pervading attitude among the optimistic locals, which by the way are really great at welcoming any visitor to their lovely island communities. Most islands even have their own homepage where quite some advertisement is done to recruit new inhabitants to the different islands. We can understand why the locals are so proud about the place and region. It’s a damn lovely place to live – and if that isn’t possible - it’s just great place for a relaxing vacation and some proper island hopping from one small beautiful island to the next, the horizon often full of new island adventures.



Hiking and camping excursions to 23 islands around Falster, Møn and Lolland in the Danish South Sea

North of Lolland a small archipelago of 9 islands invite for the perfect island-hopping holiday, where one can jump on small ferries between the lovely islands of Askø, Lilleø, Femø, Fejø, and Skalø. These islands have many fruit plantations, lovely beaches, old churches and friendly locals. We went there on bike trips to sleep in the forest shelters or nature camps, which are spread around the islands. Vejrø is a private island with a luxurious resort serving up food from local organic agricultural production on the island. Finally, the three uninhabited islands of Rågø, Rågø Kalv and Vigsø are great kayaking destinations with pure and raw nature at display. Great for adventurous trips to islands that are more off-the-radar.  


The Western-most part of Lolland around Nakskov is a large and beautiful fiord containing a small archipelago inside it, with many small islands and some larger islands like Enehøje, Vejlø and Slotø. We went to Vejlø during summer time to visit the annual Hippie colony, then continued to Slotø for the remote, runied island castle, and finally Enehøje is a beautiful uninhabited island with forests, wild deer, beach meadows and the former home of a Danish polar scientist who placed whale skeletons around the island.  


Between Falster and Lolland the narrow strait of Gulborgsund is home to a number of smaller and uninhabited islands including Flatø, Kalvø, Lilleø and Kejlsø. Kayaking in the area is great fun. In the triangle between Zealand, Møn and Falster there’s another strait which harbors a number of smaller islands including Tærø, Langø, Masnedø, Farø and Bogø. Tærø is probably one of the highlights with its population of wild horses. Møn island is a real highlight in the area with huge chalk cliffs on the beach and azure blue ocean, looking very non-Danish in its appearance. Besides the wild chalk cliffs which fall a sheer 120m to the sea below, Møn is an idyllic place with a beautiful country side and sandy beaches. Finally, the island of Nyord, which is connected to Møn, is a wonderful place with huge saltwater meadows and magic forests with strange plant species. At sunset it swarms with swallows and at night time there is a fantastic view of the starry sky.  

Background information about the Ø-dyssey project and our selection of 130 islands to be visited in total can be found here.

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