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Latest travels: 

South Africa & Lesotho re-visit (2022)

Mozambique's Bazaruto Archipelago (2022)

Yemen: Soqotra Island (2022)

Turks & Caicos (2023)

Through the Baltic countries & the Balkans (2023)

Hiking in Wales' Snowdonia park (2023)

Island hopping across Ålandsøerne (Åland Islands) off Finland (2023)

30 US states (2024 update)

The complete Hawaii archipelago (2024)

Deserts of Tunisia - revisit (2024)

US North Atlantic islands in Maine (2024)

Hiking in North Italy & Switzerland - revisit (2024)

Going next:

Complete our Ø-dyssey project

"50 States Project": Throughout all states in the USA

Mountains in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana

Hiking trip across Taiwan & South Korea


Mainland Yemen

Namibia & Botswana roadtrip


Easter Island, Northern Chile & Bolivia

Ecuador & Galapagos Islands

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